Our Services

  • Dynamic Sessions at any size Conferences
  • Practice Labs on How to Provide Effective Feedback
  • Practice Labs on How to Hold Difficult Conversations
  • Practice Labs with Custom Tailored Sessions in Real-Time
  • Interactive Sessions on How to De-Escalate at various levels of Conflict
  • Hiring Support Through Standardized Communication Skills Demonstrations
  • Choose from our Menu of Current and Challenging Off-the-Shelf Scenarios
  • Share our Expertise and Create Custom Dynamic Scenarios and Case Creation
  • Practice Labs on How To Build Strategic Client Relationships
  • Practice Labs on How to Lead Sales Conversations
  • Practice Labs on Influencing Up and Personal Potency
  • Practice Labs on Coaching on the Fly
  • On-Demand Practice Sessions to Extend the Application of Learning outside of a Course
  • Multi-Stakeholder Interactive Simulations customized to your needs and time - i.e. Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Supporting Roles IMPROV for BUSINESS with Vetted Experienced Improvisors who are also Corporate Communications Specialists
  • Experiential Learning Sessions Addressing the Multi-Generational Workplace
Supporting Roles Interactive Training Inc

Training Program Enhancements

You have a great program but can't rely 100% on the internal resources who say they can "help out" to do the role plays or interact with your learners. Expensive partners or distracting internal people don't serve the learning of others well for many reasons and ultimately, business will come first. This is our business. No distractions. Clients tell us they come to rely on the time they save by getting us involved instead of internals only.

Experienced business actors get up to speed very quickly, and our elite talent pool has far more industry knowledge than you may expect. We credibly play senior leaders, execs and clients, and simulate a range of real business situations that allow participants to explore the possibilities of different responses, as individuals and teams. The focus is on your learners.

Reach out to learn more about our special roster of talent for this arena. We'd love to show you what we can do.

How To Increase Results Using Business Actors from Supporting Roles Inc. Find Out How to Take Your Training Programs to the Next Level

  • Include us in your Meetings, Conferences or Corporate Retreats
  • Let us Enhance Your Existing Training Programs and Bring Training to Life
  • Encourage Learning through Group Simulations and Hands-on Practice for Groups of All Sizes
  • Allow 1:1 Personal Development Private Sessions as a Perk for your people
  • Invite us to Deliver Stand Alone Sessions virtually or in person tailored to meet your time allowance: Off the Shelf or Customized
  • Access our Vetted Roster of Elite Business Actors, Facilitators, Writers, Improvisors
  • Hire us to Co-Facilitate with Subject Matter Experts
  • On-demand Custom Practice and Real-Time Coaching Sessions for Your Team as Individual
  • Offer an Authentic Theatre Rehearsal Project for People Interested in Team Building.
  • Script Writing, Case Writing, Instructional Design Support in Experiential Learning Resources
  • On-camera Coaching Classes for Internal People
  • Take Your Training to the Next Level and Your People Will Take Your Business There
  • Access or Create Scripted Scenes to unpack and create Live Action Skill Building in Real-time
  • Bring Us In to Lead or to Partner With Your Preferred Lead Training Firms or Vendors

Improv For Business Supporting Roles clients benefit from vetted, trusted and talented improvisors, like Senior Associates Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker.  All of our improvisors have business experience,  communication coaching training and understand the difference between a night club stage and corporate learning environments.  

Over 20 years we have honed our client tested and highly rated Improv For Business Sessions.  Adjustable for any size group, the sessions are fun, challenging and can be downright  transformational.

Improvisors for Business Training

Why SR Does It Best?

  • We are experts in this area for over 20 years. We support well-respected, progressive clients, and faculty partners.
  • Clients get access our vetted and trained roster of business actors who make scenarios real and add energy to sessions and support participant learning.
  • We are regularly very highly rated by skeptical high achieving learners with tough standards. See our client list and reviews.
  • You get flexible delivery options with a great partner who generously provides many options; from tried and tested sessions to leading edge innovation.

How are SR’s Business Actors Better Than Using Internal Resources?

  • Maximum focus and flexibility on your program. No last-minute juggling of that Partner or senior exec who said they'd help out but now have a client emergency pulling them away from the program. Free up your key internal resources and cost far less to the business overall.
  • Credibility - we portray many different kinds of business people very well. We don’t stop there, we combine that with a keen eye to uncover and develop specific learning outcomes to drive retention and engagement.
  • Better returns on training when all participants can be in high-quality training and not having to play roles for other people to learn.
  • Quick Study - SR’s people are up to speed fast. We will not waste your time. We know what we need from you to leave and get prepared.
  • Instantly create key opportunities for learners and respond on the fly as Faculty or program leader would like.
  • Adjust to various skill levels in the moment and remain focused on the learners’ development.
  • Expert in avoiding the many pitfalls in experiential learning rollouts. Our clients can avoid these.
  • Disciplined performances and self-regulation to keep the learning on track and get the most out of the session.
  • Brings charisma into the room, engaging the learners.
  • Able to provide non-political, highly targeted feedback that is effective.
  • Ability to create any desired dynamic with little or no direction or script, from even a simple interaction about the purpose or description.
  • Creates controlled conflict for learning, can maintain it, and can navigate within it.
  • Consistency – the ability to exhaustively re-create scenarios for many learners in rotations or reboot scenarios immediately, re-calibrate and respond to learners as they improve and skill build in real-time.
  • They can skillfully stretch participants in a safe space and provide meaningful feedback that participants take on board.